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Bellarine Smokehouse

2230 Portarlington Road , Bellarine , Victoria, 3223

0414 019 036

Bellarine Smokehouse

Bellarine Smokehouse is a boutique smokehouse, using traditional hand-smoking processes and local Bellarine ti-tree to create delicate and award winning smoked fish and paté.

Bellarine Smokehouse specialises in hot smoking NZ Ora King Salmon, Tasmanian Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Barramundi and Eel and we use our salmon and barramundi in our award winning patés.

They are situated approximately 25 km from the city of Geelong in Bellarine, (between Drysdale and Portarlington), nestled in their ‘smokehouse shed’ amongst the Bellarine Estate Vineyard Vines.

You'll find the friendly faces behind Bellarine Smokehouse at local and regional farmers markets and they also operate a local retail ‘shed door’.


Keep an eye on their website, Instagram or Facebook for current opening hours and local markets.

Awards, recommendations and reviews have gained Bellarine Smokehouse recognition throughout Victoria.

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