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Lonsdale Tomato Farm

49 Yarram Creek Lane, Point Lonsdale, Victoria, 3225

03 5258 2665

Lonsdale Tomato Farm

Lonsdale Tomato Farm offers vine ripened tomatoes, the way nature intended. In addition to the produce they grow on site such as tomatoes, lettuces and herbs, they also have a range of high-quality seasonal produce, chutneys and sauces available for sale. Lonsdale Tomatoes supply supermarkets and selected restaurants locally. The food miles on these tomatoes keep them as fresh as fresh.

When you have a greenhouse as big as they do at Lonsdale Tomato Farm, you can grow all sorts of beautiful varieties. They have 6,000 tomato plants including truss, round, roma, cherry, and big red monsters as big as your fist.

Along with tomatoes, Lonsdale Tomatoes grow a huge range of lettuce as well. Green oak, red oak, baby cos, red coral.

The farm gate is open from Thursday to Sunday each week.

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