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Tuckerberry Hill Berry Farm

35 Becks Rd, Drysdale, VIC, 3220

03 5251 3468

Tuckerberry Hill Berry Farm

Down a country road in the heart of the Bellarine lies Tuckerberry Hill. Its spread over the rolling hills of the Bellarine and swarms with activity in the summer months as the masses flock to get their fix of the berry mix. 

Tuckerberry Hill is the place to find your blueberry thrill! Summer is the time to come to Tuckerberry Hill and get your hands on some living fresh fruit. Picking season is from December to March. 

Tuckerberry Hill was started by one of Australia’s pioneering blueberry farmers, Margaret Tucker (hence the name!), with her daughter Christine and husband David Lean continuing on the farm.

Tuckerberry is the only blueberry orchard on the Bellarine and all their fruit is spray-free and grown under natural conditions. 

They also sell bags of frozen berries, if you didn’t pick enough or just want more. 

The provedore boasts sensational sweeping hilltop views with a fresh local Produce Market and a cafe serving delicious seasonal food with beers and wines. Produce Market open Saturdays all year and more often during fruit picking season with lots of fresh and locally grown, mostly organic or spray free produce. We also stock locally produced honey, jams, sauces and the like, plus beautiful chopping boards, and handmade crafts plus more. 

At Tuckerberry Hill you will get fresh-off-the-bush blueberries with zero food miles. There’s no entrance fee, you just pay for what you pick. 

Not only are the ever healthy, ever blue and ever delicious blueberries available to pick, but for a longer season you can stroll the aisles at Tuckerberry Hill to discover the rosy, succulent, juicy and popular fresh strawberries popping up ready for picking from November to March. 

Tuckerberry Hill is open every day between 20 December and 30 January from 9am – 9.30pm, except Christmas Day. Other times open weekends. 

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