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Wattle Grove Honey

49 Grubb Road , Wallington, Victoria, 3222

0419 107 173

Wattle Grove Honey

Wattle Grove Honey is a small farm based on the Bellarine Peninsula which produces pure Australian honey and beeswax products from their own beehives. Experience the joy of tasting pure, raw Australian seasonal honey varieties, locally sourced.

Jim and Stephanie, owners of Wattle Grove Honey, have many beehives that produce honey from their garden. Their hives are also placed around the Bellarine Peninsula, Geelong and surrounding areas and throughout Victoria to produce and provide their customers with many varieties of pure Australian honey. 

The frames are collected from the hives full of honey and put into an extractor that spins out the honey. This liquid gold is then pumped into settling tanks and strained, to be stored into their storage containers for packing.

Jim is a fourth generation beekeeper. Jim and Stephanie love what they do and care about their bees, and are keen to save bees for future generations to enjoy.  That’s why they only take the excess pollen and honey from their hives.

Visit their little farm shop and enjoy a taste of their pure Australian honey.


Opening Times:

Open Thursday to Monday

1 October to 31 April  9am to 5.30pm

1 April to 31 September 10am to 4pm.

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